New Rules For Home Sharing Announced By NSW Government

After years of consultation, the NSW Government has announced new rules for home sharing in the state, which reflects the way people are now opting to travel and use their homes in the 21st century. Sydney is one of the top destinations for home sharing in the world, but with housing and rental prices soaring, the NSW Government was under pressure to create a new framework while avoiding changes that would make it more attractive to put residential investment properties on the commercial short-term letting market.

The new rules have been hailed as fair and innovative, helping the home sharing community to grow responsibly and sustainably. They will only apply to homeowners in NSW, with each of the states governing their rules independently.

A brief overview of the new rules announced by the NSW Government

Homeowners will be allowed to rent out their spaces as exempt development for 365 days of the year when they are present while there will be limits implemented when the host is not present. This will stand at 180 days in Greater Sydney and 365 days in other areas of the state, although councils outside of Greater Sydney have the power to decrease this (to no lower than 180 days per year) if they see fit.

Home sharing platforms, such as EzyStayz, will also have to comply with a new mandatory code of conduct and there will be a two-strikes-and-you’re-out policy to help deter any instances of bad behaviour from both hosts and guests.

The rules are designed to create a benchmark standard for home sharing while helping to develop tourism in NSW in a healthy and innovative manner. They will allow travellers from around the world to take advantage of the authentic and unique experiences that home sharing platforms provide while enabling hosts to make extra money by sharing their extra space.

As an Australian-owned platform, EzyStayz is committed to upholding the new regulations announced by the NSW Government and helping to develop tourism across the country in a sustainable and responsible manner.