Managing And Synching Your EzyStayz Calendar

One of the most important features of any host’s EzyStayz account is their calendar. It shows prospective guests when your property is available (and how much it costs per night) and accurately reflects when your listing isn’t available due to other bookings or personal commitments. That’s why it’s essential that all hosts keep their calendars up to date!

When bookings are made at your listing through the EzyStayz site, the dates booked will automatically become “unavailable” on your calendar. But when it comes to personal commitments or periods where you want to have a break from hosting or do maintenance jobs, it’s up to you to update your calendar. This ensures that you don’t have to cancel confirmed bookings at a later date, which will affect your progress in becoming a Superior Host.

You can check your calendar and reservations at any time through the “Manage Listing” and “Calendar” section of the listing page. Different colours are used to clearly denote different booking statuses and your listing’s base nightly rate will show for every night you have available. If you have weekend rates, these will show for the weekends you have available and any custom rates will be updated once you make that change. Please note that whenever you change your pricing for a specific date, this will override any pricing already in place.

You can also manage your booking availability in relation to the following:

Same-Day Requests – this allows you to block requests for guests who would arrive on the same or next day.

Preparation Time – this allows you to block off dates between guests if you need time to prepare.

Distant Requests – this allows you to block requests for trips beyond a certain time period (e.g. if you only want to receive requests or bookings from guests who will be arriving in the next two months)

Minimum Stay and Maximum Stay – here you can set the minimum or maximum number of nights you wish to accept bookings for.

Add a Requirement for Seasons or Weekends – this allows you to set different minimum night requirements for a set time period/season or define the dates on which you accept check-ins.

Synching your calendar with other holiday rental sites

For hosts who already have their property listed on other online holiday rental sites, you might be wondering how you can possibly keep track of all your bookings and prevent double bookings. The good news is that you can easily import your booking calendar from other holiday rental sites so that they will be synched with your EzyStayz calendar. So when a booking comes through on any of the sites, you’ll automatically have those dates listed as “unavailable” on your calendar so guests won’t be able to double book it.

If you want to synchronise your EzyStayz calendar with your other holiday rental site calendars, you first need to login to your EzyStayz account and select “Your Listings” under the drop-down menu. Select “Manage Listings” and then click on “Manage Calendar” and a link will be displayed for any active properties. Scroll down to “Synchronise Calendars” and paste your calendar’s URL into the Calendar Address (URL) field, then click “Import”.

For more information on how to sync your EzyStayz calendar with the calendars from your other holiday rental sites, check out our Help Centre for detailed instructions.