June - Where we are and whats Next

EzyStayz - The fastest growing travel marketplace powered by Crypto


As the tourism sector has been hobbled by COVID19, the industry has also been presented with an opportunity to reevaluate and improve its practices, a necessity if businesses are to attract and gain the trust of both existing and prospective customers. The team at EzyStayz continues to build up and growth hack ways to increase its market share and work with more customers.


  • Active Inventory for access to 1.5 Million+ hotels and vacation homes worldwide.
  • Pay by credit card/ debit card and over 40+ Cryptocurrencies/
  • Tokenized Loyalty Program
  • EZY Wallet and member exclusive B2B rates and corporate deals

Our Refer a friend campaign has allowed us to be one of the top travel companies based on new user sign ups. 48.1% were direct sign ups and 51.9% Referral sign ups




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