Joshua Tree National Park

Spread in 800000 acres, Joshua Tree National Park in Palm Springs is a pretty vast park to be in. Don’t worry, it won't be embarrassing if you get lost while being here. This park is so mesmerizing that it is undoubtedly very easy to lose yourself in its serenity. The word Joshua Tree comes from those Joshua Trees which are spiny, twisted trees resembling plants that are native to Mojave Desert.

In this very blog, we will be providing you with all the instructions that will make your trip memorable.

Some Key Points to remember

Wear long sleeved clothes: - The surrounding are contains a lot of thorny stuffs that might stick to you and provide enough pain for your mind to distract from the trip to your doctor so make sure you wear full pants and long sleeved shirts to stay protected from those pencil chollas

Rise before the sun does: - Yes, if you are a night owl and do not like waking up early ten I would recommend you to turn the tables for once as you can enjoy this place to its full potential if you visit predawn and I can assure you about it because the Cholla Cactus Garden and the Keys View look magnificient at this period of time and I am sure you don’t want to miss the view.

How to get there

So, the very first task before the enjoyment starts is to obviously get to the location. The closest airport you can find is the Palm Springs International which is around 45 miles from the park and will take less than 50 minutes to reach. Make sure you don’t judge the park  with its outer looks as the best view of the park comes after a 30minutes drive inside the park.

Best time to visit:

If I was to be asked, Spring is the best time to visit the park as summers are really hot and winters are way too cold with temperatures dipping below 35 degrees.

Winters: - The best time to visit in winters is from December to January. Biting winds and snow showers are common though cold temperatures keeps larger crowds away.

Spring: - Mild temperatures, bountiful of flowers all over makes spring the most popular season to visit Joshua Tree. The best month to visit is between February and April. 

Summer: - Summers are highly hot here and as the temperature rises to up to 100 degrees, it’s better to carry enough water, an umbrella and appropriate clothing.

Where to spend the night: -

Within the park 

That’s a good question right there, camping is more of a sport here as camping is more of a sport here as Indian Cove, Black Rock, Jumbo Rocks and Cottonwood Campgrounds can be reserved via rest all work on the policy of first come, first served.

Farther options

20 mins north of the main entrance is Joshua Tree Lake RV and Campground. Its affordable and costs around $20 and you can even enjoy fishing here. But if you are ready to pay more for a luxurious stay then book a room at the beautiful Joshua Tree Inn which starts from $115. Also, the 29 Palms Inn which starts from $110 is a beautiful hotel to stay at with lush landscaping, rustic cabins, etc.

Hiking, climbing, horseback riding, Bird-watching and Cycling are some of the key activities to perform there.

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