Canyon Road

Tens of decades ago native Americans colonized the areas that is today popularly called Santa Fe and used a lot of the place as farming community and set up a lot of art related assets. Today, the same area has become the pride of New Mexico with a lot of art galleries, restaurants and boutiques. Following are some of the best reasons why you would want to find yourself hanging out on the streets of Canyon Road.

  • Art Galleries: - You would not believe it but just Canyon Road which is a part of Santa Fe has more than 100 art galleries to visit, that’s a lot to bolt through.

There are various arts such as Summer Wetlands by Susan Morosky, A Magical Life by Christina Chalmers, Grecian Summer by David Pearson, Deep Waters by Tina Badarak, Western Spaces by Rick Steven, Cinnabar Mystic by Rachel Darnell, A stylish umbrella by Rodney Hatfield and much more to see.

  • The Restaurants: - After the art gallery viewing, you can visit any posh restaurant over here. You may find a number of unique restaurants over here though my favourite one is The Teahouse, a restaurant that sees pride in its 150 different varieties of tea and guess what, alone Canyon Road offers you 1000 different varieties of tea in case you are a tea lover.

 One of the oldest and also the most popular restaurant in Santa Fe which was established early in 1835 has been renovated namely El Farol.

The family feel: - At the early age, Canyon Road was largely colonized, and the impact of that colonization is still here in the air within people. Go around and you will find people being really kind to you, every time they pass by you, you always see a smile on their face, just a delightful way to greet. The people are so cheerful that I bet you will never feel like it’s the first time you are meeting the, nearby residentials are so open to strangers and when you travel from one art gallery to another do not forget one art gallery to another do not forget to take suggestions from them about which gallery would be the best to visit next.

How Canyon Road became from nothing to everything

Canyon Road was nothing more than a trail dating to the 13th century that led from Ogha Po’oge, a pueblo located in the area of present-day Santa Fe into the mountains, but later on in 19th century when New Mexico became a part of the United States, much more people started visiting and also the merchants one of which was James L. Johnson, the merchant bought an old home and expanded it and today locals call it as El Zaguan and is one of the top favourite spots of people to stop and take some rest while they are on their tour. Hard to believe but this place was believed to be a healing spot as patients suffering from tuberculosis used to arrive here as it was believed that the dry, clean air of this area was curative, now how stunning is that? The Canyon Road opens up more and more the more you talk to nearby residentials and travel more and the more it opens up, the more it interests you.

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