5 Ways To Add Personality To Your Holiday Rental Space

So you’ve stocked your property with all the essentials – toilet paper, soap and clean towels for your guests. But what if you want to go that little step further and add a few extras that will make their stay extra special? In this guide, we’ll share with you five ways you can add a personal touch to your hospitality that will have guests writing rave reviews.

1. Stock The Kitchen with essentials for their arrival

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination after a long-haul trip and having to rush out to negotiate supermarkets while dealing with jet lag. Help your guests instantly relax on arrival by stocking the kitchen with a few essentials that will keep them going until they’re ready to venture out. It might be as simple as milk and bread from your local bakery or you could add in a nice bottle of wine or enough supplies to make an easy pasta dish.

2. Provide High-Quality Toiletries In The Bathroom

Nothing says indulgence like high-end hand soaps, shampoos and moisturisers, and guests love not having to pack their own! Use the opportunity to share products that you personally love in miniature bottles that can be refilled, without costing you a fortune.

3. Display Original Or Locally-Crafted Artworks

While you might decorate your own space with personal mementoes and photographs, running a holiday rental property is a great opportunity to showcase your favourite artists or pieces by local artisans. They’ll not only give the space personality but you can help spread the word about creatives you love or crafts that are characteristic of your destination.

4. Create A Relaxing Retreat With Good Books And Magazines

If your space is designed as a place to relax (rather than a business getaway), why not stock it with a selection of books and magazines that showcase your taste. Consider home interior magazines that reflect your space’s aesthetic or architectural books on eclectic design styles. Place a few in the living space that guests can easily peruse, as well as adding some to the bedroom for pre-sleep reading time.

5. Add Fresh-Cut Flowers Or Indoor Plants

A dash of greenery can make a huge difference to a space, so consider adding potted plants in the living spaces and bedrooms to create a retreat-like feel. Freshly-cut flowers not only add colour, but their fragrance will waft through the space like a natural air freshener.

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