4 Tips For Becoming A Superior Host On EzyStayz

There are some hosts that go above and beyond, which is why EzyStayz have created their Superior Host badge to identify them to prospective guests. It’s a simple way of assisting travellers in having an amazing experience and rewarding hosts who are putting the time and energy into making EzyStayz a trusted holiday rental platform.

Becoming a Superior Host requires that 80% or more of reviews left must have a 5-star rating, so we thought we’d share with you a few tips to help you achieve this.

1. Be Responsive

Guests love a quick response, particularly when planning their travel itinerary, so it’s important that you respond to queries and booking requests in a prompt manner. Perhaps they’re waiting on your response to book flights or onward travel arrangements and an immediate “yes” or “no” will help them along. We ask that all of our hosts respond within 24 hours but a Superior Host will tell you that their response times are rapidly faster!

2. Know What Your Guests Wants

Understanding why your guests have chosen to stay with you can help you prepare your space or offer suggestions to make their stay that much more memorable. Perhaps they’re visiting for a particular festival or they want to secure reservations at a certain restaurant. It’s these extra little things that will really stand out in their minds, knowing that you care about them and the experience they have in your neck of the woods.

3. Stay In Touch

Communicating with your guests before their arrival is essential in making sure they know the directions and the logistics of the check-in procedure. But it’s also important to be on hand throughout their stay to make sure they don’t run into any issues. For some hosts this means a friendly text message just touching base that everything’s okay while for others it’s making sure your guests know that they can contact you if and when they need. There’s a fine line between being available and being intrusive, so make sure you’re giving them the privacy they want at the same time.

4. Get Some Feedback

All hosts want 5-star reviews and rather than just crossing your fingers that your guests will deliver, in some situations it might be a good idea to check in with them directly that everything met their needs. Most people love sharing their opinion, so why not ask if there’s anything they feel could be better or done differently as they’re checking out? If they can vent any dissatisfaction directly, they’re less likely to share it with the rest of the world in their online review and you can take the feedback onboard for the future.

5. Incorporate visitor management technology

A quick tip, Always worried about maintaining security during check-in process of your guests and employees? We got your back as we introduce you to EASEVisitor, a visitor management system that enables a secure check-in process for visitors and employees in the workplace, office spaces, and residential buildings. And guess what you can not only secure the check-in process but infact do more while EASEVisitor screens against denied party lists with a watch list screening tool to maintain the safety of your staff and students.