3 Common Mistakes Made By New Holiday Rental Hosts

Turning your property into a short-term holiday rental has proven a lucrative business for many. It’s as simple as creating an online account, uploading images and a description, then waiting for the bookings to roll in.

So why are some hosts much more successful at it than others? In this article, we’ll share with you three of the most common mistakes that new hosts make that can prevent their rental business from flourishing.

1. Creating False Expectations

One of the easiest ways to earn yourself bad reviews is by creating an expectation of your property being something that it’s not. While claiming that it boasts “sea views” (when it’s actually just a glimpse between neighbouring buildings and electricity poles) might result in short-term bookings, it will probably cost you in the long term through poor reviews.

Make sure the amenities you’re listing are accurate and that all facilities work at their optimal level (particularly the Wi-Fi!) If you’re listing walking distances to transport or tourist attractions, make sure they’re on the generous side, and if your property doesn’t offer something that guests might expect, clearly indicate this so they know beforehand.

By setting a realistic expectation at the start, your guests won’t be left underwhelmed and you have the potential to deliver an incredible experience that may actually exceed their expectations.

2. Poor Quality Images

First impressions count and it’s your listing photos that are the first thing prospective guests will see. Poor quality photos are easy to just gloss over while beautifully lit pictures are what attracts guests to click on properties and learn more.

It’s important that your photos are vibrant and have that “wow” factor, particularly if you’re just starting out and don’t have many reviews yet. Prospective guests will judge your property based on the photos you post and if they’re not up to scratch, there’s a high chance that you won’t receive any bookings.

Make sure you capture photos on a sunny day with natural light pouring in and put away anything that might clutter the shot. If the location of your property is a big draw, then make sure you also add photos of the surrounding sites, restaurants or tourist attractions to add to its appeal.

3. Not Engaging With Guest Reviews

Guest reviews can make or break your holiday rental business and not taking them seriously is the start of your own demise. It’s particularly important that your first few guests have an incredible experience so that they leave rave reviews that will attract future guests to book.

After a guest leaves a review, respond with a short message to show that you are an engaged host that genuinely cares about the experience of their guests. If you do receive criticism, it’s essential that you address it in a polite and positive manner, indicating that you’ve taken the feedback on board and will address it when hosting future guests.

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